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Steel Storage Tank Baseboard

Steel storage tank is the core facility of oil&gas storage system and production equipment, and its corrosion protection is a necessary factor to ensure the safe operation of storage and transportation system. The corrosion environment of steel storage tanks mainly includes: atmospheric corrosion outside the tank wall, medium corrosion environment inside the tank wall (including baseboard), and soil corrosion environment outside the tank baseboard. These factors determine the technical requirements for corrosion protection of steel storage tanks.


The outside of steel storage tank baseboard is mainly threatened by soil corrosion, which can be effectively restrained by cathodic protection technology. Relying on its own cathodic protection product line, Yuxi can provide customers with a full range of services from design, construction to later operation and maintenance services.


Using the flexible anode based on MMO / Ti as the auxiliary anode can achieve the goal of long life and large discharge density. According to the actual engineering construction, the construction period is often tight and the fabrication of flexible anode joint on site is time-consuming and laborious. Yuxi designed the way of prefabricating each flexible anode ring and pre-connecting the lead cable, which greatly improved the on-site construction speed, effectively avoided the links prone to quality problems in the on-site wiring, and directly improved the construction quality.

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